Fair Trade and Microfinance

The summer lobby display at Doherty is all about Fair Trade and microfinance. These growing movements aim to fight poverty and inequality through financial inclusion and ethical business practices.

SEPMicrofinance is a general term to describe financial services to those who do not have access to typical banking services. Microfinance organizations have gained greater recognition over the past several years due to the growing popularity of lending sites like Kiva.org. UST students currently play an active role in microfinance initiatives through the  UST Social Entrepreneurship Program.

The Fair Trade movement also strives to create global financial inclusion. Fair Trade  organizations help businesses build respectful, enduring trade relationships through trading practices that ensure fair prices, safe working conditions, and environmental sustainability. Because Fair Trade contributes to social justice, many Catholic organizations are on the front lines of Fair Trade efforts.  Visit the Catholic Relief Services Fair Trade site to learn more about Fair Trade practices, products, and partners. 

Finally, don’t forget to check out the Doherty collections for more books and resources about microfinance and Fair Trade. See our Pinterest board for our top picks:

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