Chicago Manual of Style Online


The University of St. Thomas offers the Chicago Manual of Style Online (CMSO) in our database bank and the resource is completely searchable, easy to use, and provides recommendations on editorial style and publishing practices of the full contents of the 16th and 15th editions. The link below leads to the UST The Chicago Manual of Style Online resource.

– Chicago Manual of Style Online –

The resource includes the popular Chicago Style Q&A function listed on the top of the webpage. It is a function that thousands have found entertaining and informative. Your queries return results that are clearly distinguishable and the Chicago Style Q&A also features monthly polls, along with interviews with publishers, copy-editors, and writers. The Chicago Manual of Style Online also provides convenient tools, such as sample correspondence, proofreaders’ marks, a quick guide to citations, and for help citing sources, visit the CMSO database’s Quick Guide to see clear examples of how to use Chicago-style citation.

Research projects are almost due, visit the link – Citation Help on the Web – for help with other citation systems or stop by the Doherty Library for more assistance.

Happy Researching!

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