Czech Display Honoring Czech Heritage Month


Many years ago, the Legislature of the State of Texas declared October to be Czech Heritage Month in Texas.  In keeping with this designation, many Czech (and Moravian) Texans celebrate their heritage of faith and culture in a variety of ways.  UST alum, Rev. Paul Chovanec, C’68, annually presents a Czech exhibit at the Doherty Library during October.

The exhibit has four main parts.  The two horizontal display cases focus on Czech history.  One case shows a general timeline of Czech history and highlights two anniversaries being celebrated this year–the 700th anniversary of Emperor Charles IV, and the life of St. Zdislava in the context of the 800th anniversary of the Order of Preachers, i.e., the Dominicans. The other horizontal case highlights Czechs and Moravians in Texas in terms of the religious and cultural organizations that sustain and celebrate their heritage.

Please stop by the Doherty Library and learn more from the exhibit by UST alumnus, Rev. Paul Chovanec, C’68.


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