American Psychological Association (APA) citation system

apa sg


Many times at the Doherty library, students ask us about the American Psychological Association (APA) citation system and how to use it in a research paper. The Doherty library offers a research guide for ready reference answers to APA, and the research guide is an excellent place to begin learning the APA citation system used when composing a research paper.

Librarian Loan Nguyen is the creator of the APA citation research guide. She provides excellent examples of how to cite websites, dissertation/theses, tables and journal articles in a research paper. There are examples on how to format title pages using the appropriate APA format, and there is a sample paper to use for explanations on in-text citations and word spacing. There is an explanation on how to use digital object identifiers (DOIs) and a video to watch on essay basics. The UST community is always welcome to visit the Doherty library and ask us about APA citation system.

Happy Researching!

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