Research Guides at the Doherty Library

Doherty Library Research Guides are a great way to discover information about subject and topics concerning classes and information resources at the University of St. Thomas. The research guides cover a number of topics, and searching for information in the guides is easy. Notice the ribbon area at the top of the research guide page in the image below, the guides are divided by Group, Subject, Type, and Owner. The  arrow below the ribbon points out the search box to use when you have a keyword. The Subject area showing at the bottom of the page, groups together guides by subject and the number of guides in the subject area. Click on the row for a drop down window to select the available research guide within the subject. You may always come into the Doherty Library to ask about research guides and how they help for ready reference to classes, directions, subject material and information resources available at the University of St. Thomas.


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