Oxford Reference Database

A helpful electronic resource at the Doherty library is the Oxford Reference. Oxford Reference is an excellent place to begin a research project, to clarify information about a topic, or to peruse a topic for your edification. The homepage interface for Oxford Reference is easy to navigate, and topics are in a subject order. Scroll the cursor over the images on the homepage to see all the offerings.

http://library.stthom.edu > research > databases > Oxford Reference

Below is an image for the entry “Abraham.” Notice the arrow at the top pointing to the keyword search box. This box is constant on all pages, enter a keyword to find information you are looking for to support your research.  Notice the tool area under the keyword search box where users select to print, to use a citation tool, or to select a font point size. The envelope icon allows users to e-mail the entry to their e-mail account. Arrows in the image point out the drop down windows that are used to refine the findings in Oxford Reference.

If you do not see the University of St Thomas as highlighted below, while using the Oxford Reference or if you experience any troubles, call 713-525-2188, the Doherty library reference desk or come in to the Doherty library and a librarian will assist you with access to the information resource. Happy Researching!


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