The Twentieth-Century American Poetry

20CPThe Twentieth-Century American Poetry database offers a rich variety of poetry works from authors in the history of Twentieth-Century American poetry. The database offers works from all types of authors; works from small publishing-house authors like Joel Sloman’s “Her and Him” from Virgil’s Machines (1966), to widely published works like William Carlos Williams’ “The Birth of Venus,” from The Collected Poems of William Carlos Williams Volume 1.

Dr. Janet Lowery of the University of St. Thomas’ English department indicates that The Twentieth-Century American Poetry database is “Fantastic, extremely useful,” for creative writing students. Dr. Lowery goes on to say that the “Database is a wealth of information and easy to navigate,” for the end user. African American Poetry and Twentieth-Century English Poetry are databases from the same vendor that offer poets from their select groups.

To find Twentieth-Century American Poetry, go to the library’s databases list: Database by Title > then select Twentieth-Century American Poetry.

Highlighted below are the navigation tools for this database. Happy researching!


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