Ebrary in the Doherty Library

Ebrary ThumbEbrary is an online library for thousands of electronic academic books offered by the Doherty Library to support academic research.  The key advantages of Ebrary are that, 1) it provides access to scholarly book resources from on or off campus, and 2) the Ebrary database searches the full-text of every book in Ebrary so that you can find topics as they appear within each book.

To quote one of our UST librarians:

  “I highly recommend searching the Ebrary database as a supplement to our online library catalog.  Ebrary not only expands our current book offerings in many subjects, it lets you quickly find books, and even chapters and pages, on the exact topic you’re looking for with its full-text searching.”  — Joe Goetz, Information Literacy Librarian, Doherty Library

To find Ebrary, go to the library’s databases list:
http://library.stthom.edu > Research > Databases > E > Ebrary

research to BSC

Use the search box to get book results organized by relevance for your keywords:

Ebrary Homepage


You can read complete books with the online reader, or download them to your laptop or tablet apps like Bluefire Reader.

 Global Finance Returns

Ebrary Preview

Create a free Ebrary account to notate, print, or download books. Happy researching!

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