Google Scholar

TitleAcademic journal articles may be difficult to locate when performing a Google search, but did you know that the tool Google Scholar provides a simple way to broadly search for scholarly literature? Google Scholar offers a portal to information available on the World-Wide-Web for researchers to read and download. Search Google Scholar across many disciplines and resources for articles about a research topic; explore related works, citations, authors, and publications surrounding your research topic. Google Scholar is especially useful for finding the full text of articles — try searching for a complete article.

A drop-down window for an advanced search in Google Scholar is located in the keyword search box, as circled in the image below. Click the down arrow in the keyword search box to access advanced search features. Click here, Google Scholar for more information about using Google Scholar to search the World-Wide-Web.

UntitledHow do I search by author?

Use the “author” keyword in advanced search and type the name like “D Author” or “Donald C Author”

How do I search by title?

Place the article’s title in quotations – “The Savings Problem with the Paradox of Thrift.”

Maybe you are interested in using Google Scholar to access University of St. Thomas full text resources or Refworks, click here for information on how to accomplish that on our library research page. When you discover an article in Google Scholar that fits your research parameters, use the “cited by” link, to see how other researchers expanded an idea or how they responded to the material in their work. You may find more valuable information to use in order to compose your research project. Circled below is where you will find the “cited by” link. You may always visit the Doherty Library and ask a librarian for more information about Google Scholar — Happy Researching!

GS Cited by

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