Library Database Business Source Complete

ebUniversity of St. Thomas business students are often asked to research companies for class assignments.  Information about companies is easy to find at Doherty Library using the database Business Source Complete. Cameron School of Business professors assign projects for students to identify the industry where a company participates, to identify a concentration ratio for a particular market, and to identify peer-reviewed journal articles to report on current trends of a company in a particular economic environment. Business Source Complete is a database hosted by the company EBSCO and the database provides information to complete the aforementioned assignments and much more. Access to Business Source Complete is easy at Doherty Library, follow the database portal on the Doherty library research page:

research to BSC

Business Source Complete provides company profiles with S.W.O.T. analysis reports, reports on subsidiary businesses, product information for a company, NAICS codes (North American Industry Classification System), and other valuable information about companies. The information may be used to contribute to the composition of a student or professional business report. Below is an example of the Business Source Complete interface, circled is “Company Information.”  From there, you will see what information about a particular company is available as a starting point.   Stop by the Doherty Library to learn more about how to use Business Source Complete.

BSC Inter

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