Loeb Classical Library

Loeb_Classical_Library_HomerAccess to the Loeb Classical Library is available online at UST library databases.  Founded by James Loeb in 1911, this collection captures the written treasures of the ancient Greek and Roman worlds. Researchers, students, professors, and enthusiasts all enjoy the translations from Greek and Latin into English, and appreciate the ease that Loeb makes for individuals locating the classic works of Seneca or Homer, St. Augustine or St. Jerome.

Dr. Christopher Evans, Associate Dean of Arts & Sciences and the Chair of the undergraduate theology department, has stated how he enjoys using the Loeb Classical Library “every day.” Dr. Evans uses Loeb for his research and guides students to use the resource to locate information about the classics. In particular, the translation from Latin to English helps his students with their studies of the classics and patristics.

The navigation is easy in this database; The Loeb interface offers one ribbon and a keyword search box for the site’s navigation. The “Using the library,” on the right side of the ribbon is an excellent navigation tool for a user to begin with the database and to help the user become proficient and fluent in navigating the Loeb Classical Library.


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