Doherty Library Turns 40

This November marks the 40th anniversary of the official opening of Doherty Library. To commemorate this event, photos from the UST Archives and Special Collections documenting the history of the Libraries at UST are on display in the Doherty lobby. 

When the University of St. Thomas first opened in 1947, the library was housed in Link-Lee Mansion.

To accommodate the growing library collection and student body, construction on a new library began in 1954. Students formed a book chain to move the book collection across campus.

St. Thomas Memorial Library opened in 1955.  The building was subsequently renamed Murphy Hall and today houses the Information Technology Department.

Construction on Doherty Library began in November of 1970.

Doherty Circulation Desk

Doherty Library officially opened in November of 1972.  The building has provided the UST community with scholarly materials, research help, and study space for 40 years.

Doherty Library and UST Archives staff, 2012: Here to assist you with all your research needs!

Visit the exhibit in the Doherty lobby for additional photos, articles, and artifacts from the history of the UST Libraries.

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