Doherty Welcomes Jesús Serrato

The newest member of the Doherty Library staff is Jesús N. Serrato, Technical Services Librarian. His responsibilities include maintaining the library’s catalog, cataloging new acquisitions and managing the various technical aspects of the library’s digital holdings.

Jesús received his BA in International Studies with a minor in Environmental Studies from UST. He went on to earn his Master in Library Science degree from the University of North Texas studying Information Organization. He has worked at Doherty Library since 2005 and professionally since 2009. Jesus states that he is “glad to be part of such a dynamic and innovative team here at Doherty Library.”

Away from the library Jesús has a variety of other interests. He is an avid cyclist and rides his bicycle to work every day. He is a devoted environmentalist and tries to take advantage of all the various green initiatives offered by the University and the surrounding community. Jesús will also begin work on an MLA degree this Fall semester. He plans to make the best out of the great diversity of course offerings as he continues with his professional development and academic aspirations here at UST.

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