Collection Development Librarian Nicholas Kowalski

Meet Nicholas Kowalski, Collection Development/Reference Librarian.  Nick was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio and attended John Carroll University where he received his BA in English with a minor in creative writing.   Influenced by the Jesuit commitment to service, Nick spent two years after graduate as a community organizer in Cleveland through the Americorp Vista program.  A continuing desire to serve, as well as an interest in an academic life, led Nick to choose to study librarianship, and he received his MLIS from Kent State University.  Nick came to Houston via a short detour in Las Vegas.

Nick’s favorite authors are Charles Portis and Alasdair Gray.  He’s currently reading How late it was, how late by James Kelman and Love, etc. by Julian Barnes. Nick is a big sci-fi fan, particularly the original series of Star Trek, Dr. Who, and Mystery Science Theater 3000. He enjoys the indie films at the Museum of Fine Arts and River Oaks Theatre. As well as books and films, Nick enjoys live music and spent four years in undergrad as a college DJ (88.7, WJCU).

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