Reading?? In a library??!?


Doherty Library loves technology.  We have research computers and a computer lab.  We have over 130 online databases, over 40,000 online journals, and over 30,000 online books.  But . . . .

We still love to read.  Books.  That we can hold.  And we know that our patrons do too.  But, let’s face it, we’re all so busy.  Who has time to go to the public library after spending hours (and hours) of study time at Doherty?  Or if  you teach, who has the energy, after being in class, grading papers, going to meetings, and researching for the next journal article, to stop off at the public library before heading home to homework help, dinner, housework and laundry?  Or staff, you’ve been at work for at least nine hours helping students and faculty, you face a lengthy commute home, you’re tired, you’re hungry.  Do you really want to try to get to the public library — if you can find one open?

Well Doherty Library has the solution!  We have instituted a new, small, popular fiction and non-fiction collection.  As you enter the library, the books are located to your left in the main lobby on display shelves.

Sponsored by the Friends of Doherty Library, these titles are available for circulation to students, faculty, staff, the Friends of Doherty Library and UST alumni.   You can check out these books for four weeks with renewals possible.  Every month, new titles will be added until we have 100 books in this circulating collection.  Doherty librarians and staff  have made a pledge of honor we will not check out the books until the community has had a chance to read them (but we can only contain ourselves for so long so stop by soon).

And there’s more!

There’s a quiet, little corner for reading the new books (or newspapers, magazines, or anything else you want).  We have created a “reading nook” in the silent reading room where you can relax, drink coffee (or tea),  and read to your heart’s content.  We hope you’ll take some time out of your busy schedules to stop in, sit a spell and rejuvenate yourself with a fun book.

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