Doherty Expands E-book Collection

47,000 books in one blow? That’s what Doherty gained when we purchased a subscription to Ebrary – 47,000 new books. In all subject areas: Business, Education, Fine Arts, History, Language and Literature, Psychology, Sciences (Life and Physical), Sociology, Religion, Philosophy and Classics. Most of the books in Ebrary have been published after 2004. These books are all full-text and cannot be found on Google Books or other such sites because of copyright issues!!

Ebrary books can be accessed online, 24/7/365. Just go to the library homepage and click “Choose a Library Database and then select “Ebrary.” Off-campus users will need their CeltID.

You can search Ebrary by Author or Title or browse among the various subject areas. Ebrary searches within texts by general keyword and uses the Library of Congress subject headings. You can read the entire book page by page or link to what you want from the table of contents or index. Printing is allowed up to 60 pages per session. Create an account within Ebrary and highlight passages within the books and write notes to go along side the text. Save your books on your bookshelf and go directly to them when you return. The highlights and notes will be there. You can also import the citation of the work directly into RefWorks (see previous blog entry). Ebrary is a very efficient way to manage your research.

Ebrary joins NetLibrary and Credo Reference to expand Doherty’s online book collection.

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