RefWorks — a resource to help you gather, manage, store and share all types of information, and to create citations and bibliographies for your papers.

Another new resource is going to make the life of every single member of the UST community so much easier! It’s RefWorks, and it practically performs miracles. At its most basic, RefWorks helps you to cite the information you use in your papers. No more struggling with trying to comprehend the MLA or APA citation handbooks (although we will still keep copies in the library). You input the citation information, and RefWorks creates lists of works cited and footnotes. But RefWorks is so much more than that. It helps you organize your research by keeping it all in one place – accessible at any computer for RefWorks is web-based. You can even share this information with others and collaborate on group projects using it. You are able to create numerous accounts on RefWorks, so if you want to share some information sources but keep others private, you can. RefWorks is also available on the Doherty Library list of databases under “Reference.”

Doherty Library will be offering workshops on using RefWorks in the fall semester.


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