Progress at the Archives

siennaedit2 University Archives, Sienna House

The University Archives staff has been very active in developing an Archives web page that now includes finding aids and articles of historical information about the University.

The effort to add material to the Archives web page is ongoing. One example is the posting of a list of the ten presidential administrations of UST and the years of their service. Eight different men served as president; two returned for an additional term. The web page is illustrated with photos of the UST presidents. Two other recent examples include material about the first UST School of Nursing and material about the Office of Student Affairs that have now been posted on the web site.

The Archives staff also compiled a spreadsheet depicting the history of the many structures that UST has acquired, demolished and constructed since 1947. Several blocks of fourteen houses each and the streets surrounding them have been removed to create space for academic and support buildings and to make travel safer and more convenient between the buildings. Also within the Archives is the original of a 1947 letter naming the University. The naming process was quite simple, a single meeting of a committee.

Information concerning the University’s development was researched and posted in an effort to inform students, faculty and the public as to how the University came into existence, who played a critical role, and the events that brought us to the present. Without a knowledge of the University’s history, there will be no understanding of the events that shape our current existence.

The Archives web page can be found as a link on the main Doherty Library web page at You can also contact the Archives staff at 713-525-3895.

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