We Recommend…

The American Presidency Project

I was recently reminded of the complete awesomeness of
The American Presidency Project web site while building the Political Science research guide for Doherty library. And since some of you may have better things to do than explore our library pathfinders (as if…) I wanted to also feature it in the library’s news blog.

The American Presidency Project began in 1999 as a collaboration between John Woolley and Gerhard Peters at the University of California Santa Barbara. It is an online archive of over 76,800 documents related to the U.S. Presidency. This site is a treasure trove of primary sources, including executive orders & proclamations, state of the union addresses, presidential addresses to the United Nations & to foreign legislatures, press conferences, veto statements, Saturday radio addresses, and more. The archive contains both text and audio, allowing users to listen to everything from FDR’s fireside chats, or his stirring June 6, 1944 “Prayer on D-Day,” all the way up to to George W. Bush’s recent “Address to the Nation on the War in Iraq.” The Project covers all 43 administrations and also includes official public papers of the presidents.

Another feature of the Project is its summary data on presidential elections. Data is currently available from 1828 through the 2004 election. There’s even a special collection of documents related to the 2000 election dispute (Gore v Bush / Florida). Users navigate the site by keyword searching, browsing by catagory or they can go directly to a public paper, execuitve order or proclamation by searching its official number.


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