Miniature Books Exhibit

The Art of Miniature Books

Doherty Library is currently hosting the Miniature Book Society’s traveling exhibition of over 80 miniature books. A miniature book is defined by the Society as a real book whose closed dimensions (length or width) measures no more than 3 inches. The exhibit also features several “micro-minis,” books measuring 1 inch and less. The books on exhibit come in various shapes and forms, from conventionally bound volumes to accordion foldouts and pop-up books. The printing methods vary as well, from hand calligraphy, to letterpress, photocopy and more. The Miniature Book Society exhibit cases are located on the left side of the lobby atrium as you enter the building.

As for the main lobby exhibit cases, this month we have created a companion exhibit of items from Doherty’s special collections. Enjoy this sampling of the book arts from November 12th through the end of the semester.

Link to the Miniature Book Society.


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