Doherty Library Acquires Paintings

Elkins Foundation Gift Results in New Art for Doherty Library

The Doherty Library recently purchased two oil on canvas paintings by Eva Carter. The acquisition was made possible by a generous gift from the Elkins Foundation. The works hang side by side on the south wall of the western side of the main lobby. One is titled “Turning Point” (below, on the left) and the other “Emerald” (below, on the right).

The two paintings are representative of Ms. Carter’s abstract expressionist style. ArtNews characterizes her work as “impulsive, wild, and brimming with movement and emotion, yet they [are] too well composed to be completely spontaneous” (December 2004, p.150). With “Turning Point,” Carter “seems to sculpt with color, creating a triple dimensionality through warm advancing reds and whites, contrasted against cool, receding creams and beiges. Every square inch of the canvas has purpose and integrity, cajoling viewers to participate in the forces of energy that seem to pulse before their very eyes.” ( Focus/Santa Fe, January 2005 issue, p.1013). “Emerald” has a similar effect on the viewer, exerting energy and emotion using olive and beige tones. The two works compliment each other nicely, and their abstract style compliments the mid-century modern architecture of the library. We are fortunate to have such fine art displayed at Doherty library.

Eva Carter has had several art exhibitions in Santa Fe and also Charleston, South Carolina and other venues.

 Jim & Rachel

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