The Greenwood Endowment for Children’s Literature

The Patrick Spann Greenwood Children’s Literature Collection

Does it seem strange for an academic library to have an extensive collection of children’s books? Not to UST education majors seeking curriculum materials for their coursework! Since the 1970’s, the Greenwood endowment has supported the acquisition of material in children’s literature and other materials in the areas of general education and human development related to the curricula offered by the School of Education. The Greenwood collection was made possible by a gift from Mr. and Mrs. N. W. Freeman in memory of their grandson, Patrick Spann Greenwood (1970-1972). Books in the Collection can be recognized by their distinctive memorial bookplate.  A large part of the Collection is found in the children’s literature area of the library’s book stacks (that’s the PZ’s on the 2nd floor of Doherty). All the children’s books are available for check-out by UST students, faculty and staff. Other materials — general education and human development — are shelved where appropriate throughout the library. UST Education majors as well as all students and library patrons past, present and future benefit greatly from this simple act of generosity by the Freemans.


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