Research Consultations @ the Reference Desk

Professional Help, On Demand

You’ve seen us in library classes and you’ve seen us at the desk answering questions, but did you know Doherty librarians also offer custom, in-depth research consultations? Any UST student can request a one-on-one consult with a reference librarian. A professional librarian will spend 45 minutes to an hour with you — helping you fine-tune your research strategies, gather sources appropriate for your projects, advising you about access to outside resources, etc. If you need help getting started or have hit a dead end — or are anywhere in between — we can help. We might even come up with a few ideas you haven’t thought of! Students working on their capstone project, senior thesis or master’s thesis may especially want to take advantage of this service. Call the reference department at 713-525-2188 or email to set up an appointment. Remember that we always caution students to begin their research early and this is no exception: When setting your appointment, please give us at least a few day’s lead time to gather sources and conduct preliminary research before our meeting.

Mary, Rachel and Lisa

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