Best Wishes Dacia

Dacia Clay

September 6th marked Circulation Supervisor Dacia Clay’s last day at Doherty library.  Besides her good work and dedication to the library, we’ll miss her personal exuberance and fine sense of humor.  Dacia is leaving not to change careers but in fact to dedicate herself more fully to the library profession. This semester she begins her graduate study at the University of North Texas’s School of Library and Information Sciences.  And she’ll begin working part-time at the Houston Public Library as she tackles her graduate coursework.  Dacia said she’s really looking forward to exploring something new and being a student again.  However, while she’s anticipating new challenges and learning experiences, she says she’s really going to miss Doherty.  “I love this community. From the library staff, to the student workers, to the frequent patrons and the people in other departments that I’ve worked with closely, the people at UST are great. I feel so at home here. It is truly hard to leave a place so warm and friendly and familiar as this.” She promises to come back and visit… at the very least to work on her library homework!


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